Floodstop manufactured in the USA

Following the huge success of the Floodstop barriers in Europe.  Floodstop is now being manufactured and supplied in the USA.  Here the benefits of Floodstop over other flood defense methods.

  • Floodstop is a direct substitute for sandbags, in terms of economic cost – but far superior in terms of assembly and function.
  • Provides a simple and easy way for a single user to rapidly assemble a barrier in the poorest of conditions.
  • Can be used in a number of scenarios.
  • No bolting is required, modular units (pods) are simply connected using slide-in keys.
  • Modular units can be assembled to form bunding, for the containment of fluids.
  • Floodstop units have been designed to nest together, minimising storage and haulage space required.
  • Floodstop is multifunctional, and can be employed as both a road traffic delineator barrier and a flood defence barrier.
  • Made from recyclable materials.

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